Worth of a Man

We live in a world where we rely on different calculations. Whether it’s measuring time or distance, sports performance, school success, or money, we rely on our calculations. Without common projections, life would be chaotic, uncertain and even more unfair.

However, not everything can be measured as an income or expense. How do we measure human value? This issue was well portrayed in the reality-based film “Worth” which tells the story of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A successful lawyer at the time had to calculate the monetary value of each deceased person. How can you do that? However, I don’t want to reveal more about the plot of the film if anyone is going to watch it.

In November, we celebrate All Saint’s Day. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows what grief and longing are. No one else can take the place that your loved one has had. Words are comforting, but they have their limits. It is impossible to measure the value of a loved one by any means. Their absence is invaluable.  Death is inevitable. It can put your own values ​​of life in a new perspective. How do I appreciate someone who is close to me now? How do I value them who I don’t even know? It may be that in a cold and calculating world, death teaches us the appreciation of our own and another’s life. Not everything can be scored or counted in money. That’s good.

If a loved one is dear to you, so much more you are to God, the maker and redeemer of a man. To God everyone is so precious that he allowed his only son to die for our sins so that we might live forever in heaven. This gift of God cannot be measured in gold and silver, but it can be received by grace and faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Blessings, Pastor Timo

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