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Ovi on auki – kynnys on matala jokainen on tervetullut!

President’s message

This has continued to be an unusual and difficult year. The pandemic has continually impacted the way we live, work and worship. I have often wondered how different this experience would be if we did not have the internet and zoom. In many ways I think we would feel lonelier without being able to connect online, and at the same time, online connection cannot replace the joy of embracing those we love. In regard to exploring redevelopment, Timo and myself had a good meeting with the city of Burnaby earlier this month. They told us that their City Council is intending to hear an amendment to the Official Community Plan that would allow us to explore re-zoning options.

We hope to have more information to share in 4-6 months. The church continues to need your financial support so please continue your generous donations. You can donate via direct deposit or by mailing a cheque to the Church.

Lastly, as summer approaches and the vaccine roll-out continues, we can see hope that we will soon be able to gather again in person at Emmaus. We are hoping to continue to offer Zoom services even when we are able to return to in-person services.

We look forward to seeing you all soon in person at Emmaus to enjoy fellowship with a side of pulla and coffee!

Sofia Joensuu

Emmaus Church Council

Emmaus Church Council


President: Sofia Joensuu

Vice-President: Sheri-Ann Hulme

Secretary: Liisa Tella

Finish Secretary: Nina Rauhala

Leena Venäläinen, Pat Hulme, Ember Vuorensivu, Kari Kutvonen and Zach Saarinen.

Email: council@emmauslutheran.ca