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Pyhä ja arki— From sacred to everyday life

There are seven days in a week, of which, according to Christian tradition, Sunday is a holy day. Sunday was the day of Jesus’ resurrection. For some of you, the significance of Sunday spent in childhood and youth, both at home and in society, was clear. Back then, no work was done, only the cows were milked and the cattle were fed. Better clothes were worn on a holy day and often people went to church, even it was a long way.

Later, the importance of the holy day has decreased. The labor market has regulated the change, where work in many fields is done every day of the week and even at night. In a wider sense it’s about the decline of communal faith. The Christian church in the northern hemisphere suffers from a lack of members. Fortunately, however, the church is growing in the southern part of the world.

Of course, the sacred and the everyday do not have to be opposites of each other, when the matter is properly understood. God is equally present in everyday life. However, the experience of the holy undeniably deepens by strengthening both personal and communal faith by participating in church services. Getting quiet before God is also caring for your own spirit and soul. Sharing life’s journey with others gives new strength to everyday life.

“God approaches man through the word of the Bible and communion, and a person approaches God through prayers and songs. From Sunday gatherings, Christians go into everyday life to help people, build a just society and defend the weak and poor.” (

Warmly welcome to the Emmaus church services,

We miss you!

Pastor Timo

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