Help is Needed

There have been problems and delays in the delivery of goods around the world. Not everyone’s Christmas presents might arrive on time, and others weren’t able to get exactly what they wished in a Santa’s sack. Without stuff, a person can survive, but food shortages and losing a home are already more serious. Here in British Columbia, the devastation of the floods has shocked many people. It’s hard to even think about how it feels when you lose your home and everything valuable is washed away with the mud. Having a Christmas this year is difficult and sad time for many people.

When the devastation of the floods has been massive, many have helped their neighbor in need. Difficulties have increased benevolence. These acts of love speaks itself the message of Christmas.

Most of us are used to the abundance of both goods and bread. It is said that we would live with less, but for some reason the human mind prefers more than less. However, in terms of happiness, owner-ship is not very important. Happier people have been studied to have more time and experiences than money. Thankfulness, a good relationship, friends, exercise and volunteering also add to the happiness. So happiness and owning lot of stuff don’t always go hand in hand, even if we think that way.

The Advent shout Hosanna, plea for “help”, has been heard in the churches and has also felt like a pain within many people’s hearts. The joys and sorrows of life may be brought to God. You can sing praise for him, and also cry out to him your hardships and feelings of disappoint-ment.

Jesus is God’s Christmas gift to people. God wanted His own son to be born into this world so that our sin that separates us from God, would be completely forgiven and washed away. God came to save and help us. “Call on me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you, and you will honor me. ”(Psalm 50:15).

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Timo

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