Koko kansan juhla — The Great Joy for All the People


Celebrations bring people together: birthdays, weddings, graduations, and many other happy gatherings. Different cultures and nations have their own kinds of celebrations.

An angel appeared in the night field of  Bethlehem and told the shepherds about the birth of Christ, the Savior. The angel announced “great joy to all the people” (Luke 2:10).

Christmas is intended for everyone’s joy and a celebration for the entire world. The message of Christmas is Jesus. Christmas tells us about the redeemer of the world. Jesus came and fulfilled the will of the Heavenly Father by dying for our sins and giving us the gift of eternal life. At Christmas, we give thanks for God’s gift, salvation.

“Silent Night. All work is finished”. It’s pretty amazing that one job in this world has been done and fulfilled after all. It is even more special that someone has completed the work for others. However, Jesus, the child of Christ-mas, has done so.

Christmas is a time for families to gather together. It’s about great meal, Christmas     carols, special feelings and scents. In the Christian tradition, the giving of Christmas gifts goes back to the gifts of the wise men of the East to the newborn baby Jesus. Giving and receiving gifts is not only a holiday tradition but also an important sign of togetherness and appreciation. Personal      attention feels good in us when we get a present.

When Jesus was born into this world as the savior, the heavenly Father had the idea of giving a gift that not only lasts forever but also brings joy and peace to the recipient.

God is above all a God of peace and his will is to bring eternal joy and peace to the restless heart of man. The world and all nations need this joy and peace.

May God Bless Your Christmas and New Year!

Pastor Timo

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