Mahdollisuuksien Jumala—The God of All Possibilities


Easter’s message from the empty tomb is:

“He is not here; he has risen” (Matthew 28:6). Jesus lives. He conquered the power of sin and death.

The resurrection of Jesus is the core message of the Christian faith. It confirms the promises of God’s word and gives meaning to our faith in everyday life and practice.

When we proclaim forgiveness and mercy, it is not just some warm wish and a gesture of compassion, but a reality based on Jesus’ death on the cross and atonement.

In professing our faith in eternal life, we truly believe that Jesus has gone before to prepare an eternal home in heaven for all who believe in him. Death does not have the last word.

Now we don’t always see, experience, and feel God’s power as it was manifested in the resurrection of Jesus. Still, we long, we hope, and in faith we receive the promises of God’s word in our lives.

Jesus hears our prayers and wants us to ask him for what we need. God leads when we walk in prayer (Jer. 31:9). The Bible is the compass of faith. It shows the direction to go even in difficult terrain. What is not possible for us is still possible for God.

Jesus called his followers friends. Therefore, you can trust him in all situations and seasons of life. Faith opens our eyes to see God’s goodness and love. Faith opens our eyes to also see our neighbor through God’s loving eyes.

Easter invites us into the joy and hope, into the new God-given opportunities.

Blessed Easter! Pastor Timo

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