Valmiiseen pöytään — To the set table

During the summer vacation in Finland, it was again a pleasure to meet friends and family. There were also occasions when we experienced almost extravagant hospitality. It felt nice and somehow special, although it was also a little difficult to accept the generosity of others.

Perhaps the law of earning is a fairly essential part of humanity. Of course, it is very useful. Hard work is appreciated. Responsible people are always needed.

God’s saving grace is said to be precedent. It means it has existed before I got there and before I had a chance to earn it through my work or actions. Jesus paid the full price for me on the cross and atoned for my sins in advance. My part is to believe that grace is true.

In addition to eternal salvation, God prepares and guides our lives in advance, even if we don’t always notice it. “For Your name’s sake You will lead me and guide me. (Ps. 31:3) “You will guide me with Your counsel” (Ps. 73:24).

Of course, you should also pray for guidance, so that you can be prudent yourself and do the right thing. The guidance also includes the fact that God can show his goodness and care through each other. It can feel like coming to a set table.

Jesus promised to prepare the way all the way to heaven: ”And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” (John 14:3).

“The way is ready, I can find it,
and in the Father’s heart
there’s a place just for me
among my Father’s children.”

(Finnish Hymn 511:5).


Pastor Timo

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